I’ve been a fan of incase since my days working at Apple Retail. They make incredibly durable, attractive looking products that I would sell over and over again to the wonderful people who needed iPhone, iPad, or MacBook protection.

And it’s nice to see that they have taken the same level of quality to their web presence.

incase is being featured as the first Daily Mobile website because their mobile websites are by far one of the best instances I’ve seen of desktop to mobile design.

Not only does incase take into account the mobile user-experience, but they also take extra care to make their sites function as if they were native apps.


iphone version in Safari

iphone version in Safari (click to view larger image)

iPhone version as a native App

iPhone version as a native App (click to view larger image)

The great thing about the iPhone version of this site is that it truly feels native to my phone. The designers and developers made sure to make navigating the website as easy and as intuitive as possible.

Key category icons at the bottom of the page allow users to easily navigate through the website: browsing, purchasing, and evensearching for products.

But it’s not just the icons that make this mobile site great, its the fact that I can actually interact with what I see on screen. I can swipe left and right to reveal some of the homepage features.

And a special treat for iOS users, when visiting the site, users are notified that they can add this page to the home screen on their device, effectively “saving” the website as an app.


This allows the user to browse the “app” without the distracting Safari chrome.


incase iPad site in Safari

incase iPad site in Safari (click to view larger image)

"native" incase iPad site

"native" incase iPad site (click to view larger image)

The iPad version functions in a similar way. Users are presented with the opportunity to “save” the app on their iPad and view the site without the Safari chrome, or just view in Safari.

A great cross-platform experience

incase desktop website

incase desktop website (click to view larger image)

But I’m not just impressed with the mobile sites…I’m impressed at the incase teams efforts to make their site translate seamlessly from desktop, to tablet, to smartphone.

A lot of other companies I’ve seen that have a mobile presence have websites that look and feel significantly different than their main desktop experience. And to top it off, many of them show limited information from their desktop versions, making it harder for the end user to get the information they want.

incase doesn’t do that. The experience is seamless and nearly identical across the board…although I have to say, their mobile versions are a bit more fun to interact with.