This weekend I released the lastest version of Feature me.

This version of Feature Me contains a number of bug fixes and some drastic enhancements.

Changes to Feature Me

Name Change

The Feature Me name changed to Feature Me – CTA Widget. While I will still refer to the plugin as “Feature Me”, I changed the name for a couple of different reasons.

  1. “Feature Me” in itself doesn’t really tell people what the plugin does. The new name tells users that it is a CTA widget.
  2. The name changed so people could find it easier in the WordPress plugins repository.
  3. The new name has better SEO benefits when people are searching for plugins on Google.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where default radio buttons weren’t selected when widget is created.
  • Fixed an issue where the widget title in the admin menu displayed incorrect title. The correct title will now display on the widget title admin
  • Fixes an issue where the message “Select a Featured Page or Post to display” would display when leaving the custom body field empty.


I got some great feedback from a user who was trying out Feature Me and I decided to add some of these features into version 1.1.0 of the plugin. These new enhancement options make the plugin much more powerful and turn it into the Call to Action (CTA) widget that I had intended it to be from the beginning. Now it’s much easier for users to use and customize without having to know HTML, CSS, or jQuery.

  • Option to hide Title text
  • Option to hide Body text
  • Option to hide CTA Link title
  • Option to link Title heading
  • CTA Link is now a CSS3 button

Looking Forward

I have a lot of ideas of how to make Feature Me a lot better, but ultimately I need to get user feedback before I do anything. I want to know any questions, frustrations, successes, and ideas regarding the plugin and its usage in order to turn it into a valuable asset for any WordPress website!

If you have feedback or need help, please visit the Feature Me support forum. That’s the central place I will be collecting information and providing help. You never know, maybe you have the same problem as someone else, and your solution could help them there.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to rate Feature Me if you like it!

Where to get Feature Me

You can install Feature Me from within WordPress (just search for “Feature Me”). You can also go to the Feature Me plugin page and download the plugin from there.