Feature Me – CTA Widget

A simple widget that lets you feature any page or post.

Feature Me CTA Widget is a simple widget that allows you to turn any page or post on your website into a call to action (cta).It pulls the pages and posts from the WordPress database and allows a user to choose one to display an excerpt and featured image in a widget area. Use this widget to feature prominent articles, or promote actions on the website.

Benefits of Feature Me

Feature Me is easy to use.

If your theme uses widgets, you can use Feature Me. Just select the page you want to display, set a couple preferences and save. Done.

It saves time.

Forget about sticky’s. With Feature Me, you won’t waste your time swapping out sticky posts to display your pages. And, because I’ve done the hard work, you’ll never have to hard-code your features again.

It’s free.

Seriously. It’s free.

How to Use Feature Me

Feature Me is a widget that can interact with your WordPress theme. Once you’ve activated the plugin, you will find and be able to use it in the Appearance > Widgets section of the website.


Feature Me

Click to view Feature Me admin options

Feature Me pulls the posts and pages on your website and allows you to select one to feature in a widget area.

There are several options that you can modify for your featured post/page within the Feature Me plugin.

Select a Post or Page

Choose a page or post to feature on your website.

2. Choose Content Options

Heading Title – Choose whether to use the posts’s title, hide the title, or use a title of your own to display in the widget area.

Body Copy – Choose whether to use the post’s excerpt, hide the body copy, or enter in body copy of your own.

3. Choose Image Options

Featured Image – Choose to use a featured image (if it exists on the post) or not.

4. Customize CTA Link Options

CTA Link Title – Use the default link text (“Learn More”), hide the link, or use your own link title. Example: “Click here for an awesome deal!”

Link Customization – Choosing “Default” will make all links to to the featured page. Choose “Custom” to enter the URL of another post/page on your website or of any other website (ie. for advertising) to direct users to that page instead. This can be useful if you have created a call to action (CTA) post that directs users to a landing page.

Make the Heading Title a Link – This option will make the heading title a link (“Yes”) or will turn off the link (“No”)


Custom CSS Class – Add in any number of css classes to modify the appearance of Feature Me with your own styles. Specify CSS classes without the dot “.” and separate classes with spaces.

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Where to get Feature Me

You can install Feature Me from within WordPress (just search for “Feature Me”). You can also go to the Feature Me plugin page and download the plugin from there.

  • ryan

    Hi Ian, Downloaded your plug-in earlier today and at first it worked like a charm and when I continued to build the site the theme builder (ultimatum theme) wouldn’t let me insert rows or images so needed to remove it 🙁 Any chance you can let me know if there is any coding I can enter on my end to solve the problem. It’s such an easier thing to work with.

    • Ian

      Hi Ryan, thanks for checking in!

      Which version of Feature Me do you have? I do know that the version that is currently in the WordPress repository has some issues. I can give you a beta copy of version 2.0 if you like. 2.0 has a lot of improvements that could possibly solve your problem. Fill out the form here to download: https://www.phasechangedigital.com/plugins/feature-me-2-beta/

      I haven’t had a lot of time to work on Feature me in the past 6 months due to my day job, but I’d be glad to help as much as I’m able 🙂

      Let me know if version 2.0b solves your issues. If not could you send me any errors you are seeing from the plugin?

      Thanks again!!